Aerospace Thermoplastic Injection Moulding

The aerospace industry is a highly demanding one. Results are expected first time, every time, with quality products that can meet and exceed expectations being the only option. A high level of reliability and accuracy is a pre-requisite in this kind of sector, and here at Target Plastics we’re confident in being able to meet those high standards.

We’ve got a wealth of experience in the injection moulding industry and cater to clients across a range of sectors, aerospace being one of them. We pride ourselves in offering a high-level service complete with all the additional support that could be required, and with state of the art production processes and technologically advanced machinery we’re able to produce plastic products that deliver.

No matter what your needs may be, here at Target Plastics we’ll be able to accommodate. Not only do we excel in working with established product types but our level of experience and in-depth knowledge means we can work at a conceptual level too, creating new techniques and new products that are wholly tailored to individual requirements. It’s this level of flexibility, combined with our expertise, which makes us the only option if you’re looking for a plastics company that can deliver.
With robust procedures and strict quality control processes we’re dedicated to creating products for the aerospace industry that perform. We work closely with our clients at every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved, and with our thermo injection moulding processes utilising the latest technologies you can be sure in your high standards being maintained.

If you’re looking for a plastic injection moulding company that has the skills and experience necessary to ensure exceptional results, you’re in the right place. Just contact us to for an initial consultation and see what we can bring to your project.

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