Automotive Thermoplastic Injection Moulding

Target Plastics designs and produces accessories, products and tooling for the Automotive industry.

Using Plastic Injection Moulding, Target Plastics has provided numerous clients in the Automotive Industry with a range of high quality products.

Whether you’re looking for a mass production of hard wearing components, or a small run of specific products for interiors or engines, Target Plastics can offer you a premium service, including initial design to the final product. We use the most modern state of the art techniques and machinery, ensuring our knowledgeable staff have the best tools, to provide you with the highest quality plastic products.

Automotive plastics come in a large variety of sizes, textures and colours, and provide different functions. Some products, for example electric buttons or knobs, not only need to be functional but also need to be hard wearing. Some are simply for aesthetics, some will be crucial to the function of the vehicle. Every little detail is considered by our team when it comes to plastic injection moulding for the Automotive sector.

If you’re looking for a UK based provider of high quality plastics, speak to the team at Target Plastics. With years of experience, the most state of the art equipment and a huge variety of options when it comes to producing high quality plastics, Target Plastics will ensure you will not only receive the best service but the best products.

Once again, we can provide huge mass production, or tailored production of products through a smaller run.

Contact Target Plastics today, for Automotive Plastics through Injection Moulding.





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